Android Application “AYO ASI” Intervention in Increasing Breastfeeding Knowledge

By : Diana Hartaty Angraini – Fauziah – Erika Yulita Ichwan

Background: Breast milk is a complex food because it contains complete nutrients. The average exclusive breastfeeding mother is only up to two months. This is influenced by a lack of mother’s knowledge, support from health workers, sick mothers and promotion of formula milk. Mothers must be prepared for the process of breastfeeding their babies. Therefore, reliable media must be created to increase maternal knowledge so that it can support the success of breastfeeding. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of educational interventions through the android application media “Ayo ASI” on increasing maternal knowledge about breast milk.

Methods: This study uses a quasi-experimental approach. the sample in this study were 35 respondents in the intervention group and 35 respondents for the group taken with the control of the purposive sampling method.

Results: Based on the Wilcoxon test at getting p-value 0,000, there is an effect of giving education through the Android application “AYO ASI” there is an increase in knowledge. Based on the results of the mann whithney test obtained p-value 0,000 so it can be concluded that there is a difference in increasing knowledge about ASI between the intervention group and the control group


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